Strategic Council

Agile strategies that deliver results. From proactive planning and messaging to crisis communications, we reinvent and reiterate to provide value day after day.

Credibility Building

Time to highlight your industry expertise so you’re seen as a true thought leader. Our reviews programs, customer and partner case studies and contributed articles build equity in front of influencers.

Media Relations

Drive the message and become a sought-after source. With proactive, hard news pushes and rapid response, we help you build solid relationships with the right publications.


Take center stage. Whether it’s your first launch party, an important trade show debut or a high profile media event, we handle the details so you can focus on your product.


Bolster your brand. Our social media, SEO and marketing experts ensure your online presence is consistent, creative, responsive and competitive.

Thought Leadership

Put your expertise to work. We hunt down the best speaking opportunities, communicate with industry analysts and seek opportunities for awards and recognition so your projects garner the attention they deserve.


We’re a veteran team of public relations professionals helping our clients push past their limits and charge into uncharted territory to not only make a powerful impact, but carve their distinct niche in their markets.

As we craft the custom strategies and campaigns that drive our clients’ success, we bring a hands-on approach to communications for top VR and AR companies, game studios, mobile app developers, and consumer and B2B technology companies that excel in their fields and share our passion for innovation.

Paul Brady

Paul Brady

As a veteran public relations and marketing communications professional, Paul dedicates himself to raising the bar on standards for how companies communicate...


Edwards Family

Brittany Edwards

Brittany is a seasoned PR and marketing communications leader with over a decade of experience. Having worked at both a national PR agency and in-house at a...


Headshot 2021

Amy Grabein

With more than fifteen years of experience and based in Austin, TX, Amy specializes in all aspects of communication, from media relations and...


Jessica Kaiser (1)

Jessica Kaiser

Jessica brings more than 17 years of experience serving clients across enterprise and B2B markets to the Carve team. She loves figuring out creative ways to help companies...


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Amber Moak

A natural storyteller, Amber has more than a decade of PR and communications experience working for a variety of industries including technology, games...




Largest & fastest-growing social network/mobile app for sport fishing

World’s first social VR platform for music

Cross-platform 360 & VR video streaming service provider

First multi-platform inside-out positional tracking software for VR/AR

3D-360 VR Camera with automated & rapid rendering

Games studio exploring VR gameplay rich in social & storytelling

The leading developer of mobile-based VR games

Non-profit games accelerator launched by Sweden’s most influential entrepreneurs

AR instructions & support tools enabling anyone to become an expert

Private social engagement platform for care communities

Varjo, the leader of industrial-grade VR/XR headsets

Studio making accessible mid-core free-to-play games on mobile

Light-field capture technology for VR filmmakers

Publisher bringing some of the world’s most popular games to Mac®

Photo taking, storing, printing, sharing & monetization platform

In their past lives, the team have held critical positions leading the PR initiatives of some of the most popular and successful organizations on the planet including King, Pinterest, Kodak, USA Network, Motorola, U-verse and more.

“Paul and the Carve team proved to be incredibly reliable, insightful, and mindful of our time, helping us put together a successful PR campaign that far exceeded our expectations. Running a startup often involves a lot of unpredictability, but working with Carve stood out as one rare example of order in all the chaos.”

Adam Arrigo

“Carve Communications hustled to work with us under a short deadline. They were prompt, professional, and instrumental to the successful public launch of our fund.”

Amitt Mahajan
AMITT MAHAJAN Founding Partner of Presence Capital

“The seed funding coverage Carve Communications handled got lots of attention, including from several of our investors and VC's who want to be in on the next round, and therefore raised some eyebrows as to why they were not informed we raised more money!”

David Nedohin
DAVID NEDOHIN Co-Founder and President of Scope AR

“I have worked with several PR teams...They are not batting in the same league that Carve Communications does. I did not know the league even existed before we worked together during my time at King and with Resolution Games.”

Tommy Palm
TOMMY PALM Ex Games Guru at Candy Crush Saga Maker King and CEO of Resolution Games

“Carve Communications was instrumental in the success of my game, _PRISM. As an indie game developer with no media contacts, I had no idea where to even begin with PR. Carve Communications was able to get my game into some of the most influential media outlets in the industry. I couldn't have had a successful launch without them!”

Clint Siu
CLINT SIU Creator of _Prism

“The Carve team have been doing an amazing job making sure that Stugan gets a good deal of media attention across the world. They have an impressive network and manage to squeeze out the most – even from a story that is not so meaty. Paul also mentors at Stugan, giving teams some valuable and much appreciated advice on their PR strategy.”

Jana Palm
JANA PALM General Manager of Stugan



We're based in Austin, TX with team members across Seattle and the NYC area.

  • Jill with Rovio’s Sami Ronkainen manning the Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slinghot at L.E.A.P. Conference.
  • Carve team meet up in Austin
    Carve team meet up in Austin
  • Tommy Palm (Resolution Games CEO) Keynoting at G Star
    Tommy Palm (Resolution Games CEO) Keynoting at G Star
  • Carve during VRX SF with Movements founder Jong Woo
    Carve during VRX SF with Movements founder Jong Woo
  • Carve founder Paul Brady at GDC 2017
    Carve founder Paul Brady at GDC 2017
  • 2016 Stugan games accelerator finale in Stockholm
    2016 Stugan games accelerator finale in Stockholm
  • Carve team members Jamie Amber Brittany Paul Ric and April
    Carve team members Jamie, Amber, Brittany, Paul, Ric and April
  • Resolution Games' Wonderglade at the GDC Google booth
    Resolution Games' Wonderglade at the GDC Google booth
  • Serious VR testing with the Carve team
    Serious VR testing with the Carve team
  • Carve hosting Visbit co-founder Elaine Lu in Austin during SXSW
    Carve hosting Visbit co-founder Elaine Lu in Austin during SXSW
  • Paul, Amber and Brittany with Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm at VRX
    Paul, Amber and Brittany with Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm at VRX
  • The Humaneyes booth at SXSW
    The Humaneyes booth at SXSW
  • Amber beating VR fishing game Bait!
    Amber beating VR fishing game Bait!
  • Carve clients Jim (Vuze) and Elaine (Visbit) exchanging demos at SXSW 2017
    Carve clients Jim (Vuze) and Elaine (Visbit) exchanging demos at SXSW 2017
  • Paul with Jana (Stugan GM) and Tommy (Resolution Games CEO)
    Paul with Jana (Stugan GM) and Tommy (Resolution Games CEO)
  • Visbit CEO CY Zhou speaking at VRX
  • Paul demoing Scope AR's Remote AR and WorkLink products with Director of Sales & Business Development Nayan Mehta
    Paul demoing Scope AR's products with Nayan Mehta (Director of Sales and Biz Dev)
  • Paul with Tommy Palm (Resolution Games CEO) and Amitt Mahajan (Presence Capital Managing Partner) at E3
  • Paul at the GV Comms Summit 2017
  • Amber with Paul Bragiel (Presence Capital Managing Partner) in Seattle
  • Carve fueling up on coffee
  • Tommy (Resolution Games CEO), Amber and Paul at Casual Connect 2017
  • Carve 2017 holiday party
  • Amber with Gustav Stenmark (Game Producer) at the Resolution Games office in Stockholm
  • Paul is realizing why they call the event Slush as him and Tommy (Resolution Games CEO) trudge through the actual slush in Helsinki
  • Paul and Jill at Humaneyes Technologies' CES 2018 booth.
  • Jamie at the SXSW 2018 Ready Player One Experience.