Paul Brady

Paul Brady, Founder

As a veteran public relations and marketing communications professional, Paul dedicates himself to raising the bar on standards for how companies communicate with the world.

With more than 15 years of experience in ushering new companies and products to market, he’s helped established players redefine their space and ushered startups in their mission to break ground in new arenas. His counsel and implementation has made a monumental impact across the games, consumer tech, B2B tech, mobile and consumer spaces. He launched the world’s most popular game Candy Crush Saga and shepherded its maker King to its record breaking $7 billion IPO. He also helped Pinterest break into new categories like travel, men’s interest and more, while overseeing the efforts that introduced USA Network into the digital entertainment and games arenas.

Paul ensures Carve is in a league above and beyond its global competition, while helping its clients grow and enable entire industries to bloom. Although he was raised in Austin, Texas, it was the city’s large games, VR and tech industries, as well as the many high-profile thought leaders and events like SXSW inspired him to base the agency here. He sees his team as family and treats them like entrepreneurs instead of staff and only brings clients on board the team will have a strong connection with.

Paul has lived in New York, Los Angeles and Denver and has traveled to more than 30 countries, but his heart is in Austin. He loves the energy, creativity and soul of the city as it offers one of the richest cultures he’s seen. He is an avid rock climber and fly fisherman and has traveled to Thailand, Indonesia, Africa, Spain, Mexico and beyond to climb at world-class destinations.


Blaine Burris

Blaine Burris comes to Carve with a background in radio, web content management and digital advertising operations management.

An integral part of the team, Blaine provides strategic insights into key publications and journalists, market research and industry news, and more.

A native Austinite, Blaine enjoys fly fishing and rock climbing and has spent time on extended trips to South Africa and Europe to pursue these activities. He resides in South Austin with his wife, son and dog Mitzi.
Jamie Larson Camargo

Jamie Larson Camargo

Jamie is a PR and communications specialist who has had the privilege to work with a wide variety of companies ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to ambitious startups preparing to launch the next big thing. She brings more than a decade of experience working across enterprise and consumer technology, B2B services, mobile applications and entertainment industries to her role.

Carve’s brilliant clients truly set out to change the faces of the industries in which they work, and Jamie finds them to be a constant source of inspiration and education. Regardless of the industry, whether VR/AR, cyber security, analytics or something else, each day is sure to bring something new, and she thrives on that.

After years working together, Jamie’s counts herself as fortunate to have found an agency and culture that’s such a great fit and results in world-class outcomes for clients. Jamie is proud to call Austin’s diverse and accepting community home. In her off time, she enjoys spending time with her daughters, working in the yard, going for walks and exploring Austin’s outstanding food scene.

Brittany Edwards

Brittany Edwards

Brittany is a seasoned PR and marketing communications pro with over a decade of experience. Having worked at both a national PR agency and in-house at a high-growth social media software company, she has served technology companies ranging from startups to global corporations. She prides herself on her ability to generate brand equity and leadership positioning through to post-launch for clients.

A results-driven strategist with a passion for bringing emerging companies to market, she loves telling a company’s story, sharing in the excitement of their news and driving visibility for businesses coming to market with innovative solutions to tough problems.

Brittany finds herself constantly inspired by the challenge to understand the needs of a particular target market and create a brand that resonates with that audience. Always on a quest to find out what’s unique about a company or specific announcement, she delights in the opportunity to creatively share a story in a way that makes stakeholders and media care. Brittany joined Carve as a steadfast supporter of its mission to set new standards in public relations and believes there’s no other agency with a team as talented, fun loving, smart and driven.

A wannabe foodie who lives in Austin with her husband and two small boys, Brittany is grateful for the city’s amazing selection of restaurants and loves its thriving startup scene. She’s also a college basketball fanatic and an avid soccer player.

April Mayrath

April Mayrath

April uses her more than 13 years of experience leading PR campaigns for startups, Fortune 10 companies and everything in between to establish and maintain extensive media relationships for Carve’s clients.

She has a proven track record of securing prominent placements for clients in broadcast, national, regional and trade media outlets. As a TV expert, April has delivered formal media training for spokespersons to prepare for on-camera interviews. She has also appeared on countless regional and nationally syndicated TV stations across the country to represent client’s products and services. At Carve, she enjoys working with her senior-level colleagues to nail down the processes that deliver consistency for clients large and small.

Her passion for journalism originated on the reporting side – she served as editor-in-chief of her college newspaper before moving to PR. She finds relationship building with media to be one of the most challenging and stimulating parts of her job, as things change daily and require quick adaptation.

When she’s not interacting with media or helping one of our clients facilitate the next great story, April can be found taking in Austin’s diverse live music scene. A skilled vocalist, she has even taken the stage at a couple of local venues. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and sons, exploring the town, meeting the laid-back people who call it home and going for a run on Town Lake trail.

Jessica Melton

Jessica Melton

Jessica is an experienced PR professional whose passion for B2B tech spurred from her work at the Austin Chamber of Commerce leading VC and startup initiatives around SXSW.

She has worked in the cyber security, DevOps and VR space and wears many different hats: researcher, branding expert, media representative, social media champ and writer are just a few. A critical thinker whose deep love of learning inspires her to build mutually beneficial relationships with media to find out how they tick, she thrives as a valued member of the Carve team. The agency’s many innovative clients and the technology and processes they bring to their respective industries keep Jessica’s job interesting, and her best day at the office includes media pitching and brainstorming fueled by a tasty cup of coffee at one of Seattle’s finest.

Drawn to Carve by the agency’s dedication to the team and their families, she has always felt that we were a different type of PR company who truly cares about their employees’ priorities and interests while committing to only work with clients we believe in.

Jessica lives in Seattle, WA with her husband and daughter and enjoys checking out the city’s thriving downtown, taking in its breathtaking scenery and strolling to Pike Place Market for a delectable pastry in her free time. She is also a live music enthusiast and a huge fan of the Austin City Limits music festival.

Amber Moak​

Amber Moak

A natural storyteller, Amber has seven years of PR and communications experience working for a variety of industries including technology, games and non-profits. Bringing both agency and in-house experience to her role, she derives immense satisfaction from seeing clients’ excitement as they garner media coverage or land speaking opportunities.

From pitching media on upcoming news to running speaker campaigns and interviewing founders, Amber is always ready to dig deep and craft messages that resonate. She loves learning about our diverse range of clients and telling the stories behind the products, technology or games that drive their success.

A team player who puts 100 percent into everything she does, Amber wakes up every day excited to work with her colleagues who have become more like family. Amber lives in Tacoma, WA with her husband and sheltie. She is also a travel enthusiast who has been to more than 22 countries and counts Stockholm, Belize and New York City among her favorite destinations.

Jill Rountree

Jill Rountree

Jill brings more than a decade of experience in consumer and B2B tech PR to the Carve team, overseeing everything from company and product launches to keeping the momentum in full swing long after the dust settles.

The ever-changing nature of the industry inspires her to constantly learn and challenge herself to excel beyond clients’ expectations. From her role as Senior Vice President at Fleishman Hillard to now, Jill has supported a variety of clients and secured two Silver Anvils (the highest recognition in the PR industry). She played a significant role in launching, and eventually managing PR for AT&T’s consumer TV service, U-verse, propelling the company into the consumer entertainment space, which ultimately led to its $48+ billion acquisition of DirecTV.

Whether she’s working on a large innovative corporation or helping an entrepreneur launch their dream startup, she loves the feeling of a team coming together to make it happen successfully.

In her free time, Jill savors the outdoors, laid-back living and mild winters of Austin with her husband, two sons and daughter, and aims to visit Paris and just about any beach destination she can find on her off time.

Jim Squires

Jim Squires

Jim’s 10-plus years of experience in games journalism and his passion for the industry serve him well in his role as a PR specialist. He possesses a unique understanding of what media outlets need and has established extensive relationships with media, securing coverage for a wide range of clients since 2015.

As an admirer of Carve’s work, Jim truly believes in its practices and ethos of representing high quality, innovative brands who are genuinely exciting to work with. A skilled writer who crafts blog posts, press releases and everything in between, he relishes the opportunity to help clients tell their stories. Jim seizes every chance to learn about a client and their impact in their industries (as well as share those learnings with the world).

Most days you can find Jim at home just outside of Toronto with his wife, two daughters and a pair of terriers that think they’re people. His love for gaming hasn’t diminished over the years and he still finds himself fascinated by them both from a player perspective and that of a critic and game designer who often marvels at new and innovative techniques or questions design choices as they become apparent throughout the course of play. His experience with video games eerily parallels his general demeanor: adventurous, inquisitive, critical and always on the hunt for a sense of wonder.